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The Dynamax ducted fan propulsion system was designed by leading General Electric aerodynamicists and Tom Cook of Jet Model Products.  Precision machined parts, the finest carbon fiber plastics and advanced injection molding techniques have made the Dynamax Fan an industry standard.  Years of proven performance makes this the obvious choice for ducted fan modelers and is recommended as required equipment by model jet manufacturers around the world.

Engine speeds of 21,000 to 23,000 r.p.m. will deliver upwards of 15 lb. of static thrust with properly designed flow paths.  Many models in the 20 lb. weight range have been successfully flown with the Dynamax Fan.  When correctly assembled and installed, the modeler can expect years of enjoyment and exciting performance. 

Assembled and balanced versions are the only Dynamax fans available.  They require only the
 installation of the engine, rotor blade and spinner.  Click on the “Accessories Button” for additional
 system support items.

Assembled Dynamax Fan Unit for OS .91.............250.00


Parts Replacement List

601 Spinner Screw   1.10 614 Long Stator Screw - 2 req. ea.  0.32
602 Spinner 10.00 615 Long Stator - 2 req.  ea.  3.00
603 Rotor Bolt   4.00 616 Short Stator - 14 req.  ea.  2.50
604 Rotor Washer   1.00 617 Turbine Body  40.00
605 Rotor Cap Screw - 3 req.  ea. 0.20 618 Engine Mounting Bolts - 4 req.  ea.  0.25
606 Rotor Cap Screw Washer - 3 req.  ea. 0.04   619 6-32 nut-Long Stator - 2 req.  ea.  0.10
607 Rotor Cap 25.00   620 Washer - Long Stator - 2 req.  ea.  0.02
608 Turbine Blade - 11 req.  ea. 8.00   621 Rotor Spacer and Collet  12.25
609 Rotor Hub 22.00   623 Dynamax Instruction Book    2.00
610 Rotor Spacer (specify engine)    9.00   624 Rotor Tightening Wrench  15.00
611 Shroud  35.00     (Not included)  
612 Short Stator Screw - 14 req.  ea. 0.30   625 Short Stator Washer-14 req. ea. .04
613 Shroud Mounting Flange - 2 req. ea.  8.00         


JMP’s rotor wrench is manufactured exclusively for use with the Dynamax ducted fan unit.
Its purpose is to hold the rotor securely while tightening down the front end hardware. This
voids the need to place excessive pressure on the individual rotor blades and stator vanes.


The pressure vent is designed to supply pressure to the fuel system by using air velocity from the spinning fan rotor, rather than tuned pipe pressure. The results are a more linear pressure rise and the venting of excess fuel into the airflow instead of the tuned pipe.



More commonly called the “remote needle valve”, allows for on the fly carburetor adjustments. Just set it, lock it down, and forget it. Double sealed steel needle and steel seat guarantee long-life and steady operation. Possible engine displacements are .25 to 4.0.
 NOTE: This application requires a separate servo and additional channel.



We no longer manufacture the System II tuned pipes. However, we do have ample stock of

the heat seals, retaining clips, and pipe hooks still available.

Heat Seals...............................15.00

Pipe Hooks..............................12.00

Retaining Clips......................25.00